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Welcome to Gympressions!

This blog has evolved quite a bit over the years.  What started out as a quest to find New York City's best fitness classes - classes that could take the place of a more costly personal trainer - became a different story entirely as I discovered CrossFit.  CrossFit has impacted far more than my workout routine.  It has changed the way I think about fitness, the way I eat, and the way I view the human body.  Somewhere along the way, I stopped being a "gym rat" and became an athlete.  I still love trying new things, I still run and I'm still trying to establish a solid yoga practice, but my days of constant class hopping are largely over. 

My home away from home is CrossFit Metropolis, located on NYC's upper, upper east side (ok, Harlem), where I'm an assistant trainer.  I'm CrossFit Level 1 certified, Movement/Mobility certified and USAW certified. 

I've run the New York City Marathon, the NYC Half, the Brooklyn Half, the Newport Half, the Philly Half, the Vienna Half and the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  There are more races and competitions in my future.

In my "real life" I'm a lawyer with too many shoes, an awesome dog and a slight romance novel addiction. Oh, and I answer to Lauren.

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 -Gym Belle-


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