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Conquering Savasana

Now, don't get all excited, but Sunday night, I did yoga.  Again.  This was my third Sunday night yoga class at Physique 57.  The past two times, Antonietta has been the instructor.  Class is chill and challenging at the same time, and I actually think I'm getting better at it.

One of my big yoga hang-ups has been savasana, the pose at the end when you lie on your back and relax.  There's no trick to it as far as I know; you just lie there.  But while everyone else is all blissed out, I'm writhing around.  Savasana kills my back.  So, instead of letting it all go, I'm wondering how in the world I'm screwing this up.  Sure, I'm a tense person, but I should be able to just lie there.  No matter how well class had gone, it would always end on the same discouraging note.

Recently, I decided that if I was really going to try to practice yoga regularly, I would have to conquer savasana.  I decided to ask a good friend, Emily Gewitz of Every Shape Yoga.  Amazingly, she has lower back pain in savasana, too!  She advised me to put a bolster under my knees, and a blanket under my lower back, if necessary. She also recommended resting a blanket over my belly and pelvic area.

Sunday night, I tried putting a block under my knees and a blanket under my lower back (I didn't have a second towel for on top) and it definitely felt better.  Take that, savasana!

-Gym Belle-

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