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Kelly Green With Envy

I made it to 6:15 spin this morning despite a slightly excessive Sunday night.  Class was good.  I was running on time.  Awesomeness abounded.

And then Kelly Ripa came on TV and totally killed my buzz.  I don't mean to be a Kelly follower, but she happens to have fabulous taste in workouts.  Physique 57?  Check.  Ride the Zone? Check.  Whatever she does next, I'll probably be there; she knows her stuff.

The thing is, I had this super fun and totally original idea for my birthday party next March: a spin party.  Well, guess who beat me to the punch?  Kelly.  She just celebrated her birthday this past weekend with a spin party at Soul CycleSigh.  She had a blinged out bike and everything. 

Anyway, I've moved on.  It's still a fun idea if I want to go through with it.  (Friends, consider this your warning.)  And Kelly's recap actually had a nice takeaway message or two.  The Physique 57 instructors present for the bash apparently struggled with the spin class.  In response, some Soul Cycle instructors who had tried Physique commented about how hard they found that class.   The morals of the story are 1) even professionals find it rough when they try something new, so don't get discouraged if a class seems hard at first, and 2) mix up your workouts!

-Gym Belle-

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