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Fit, Fierce & Fabulous

You don't get a body like Dawn Parker's by messing around, so you'd better bring your A game to her Saturday evening conditioning class at the Equinox at 63rd and Lex.  Fit, Fierce & Fabulous is one hour of serious toning interspersed with quick cardio intervals. 

Dawn's class is refreshingly gimmick free.  You won't find any surprises, just lots and lots of classic movements set to high energy music.  The class makes use of the step, free weights, body bars and medicine balls.  You'll want to grab a few sets of free weights, and possibly a few different body bars and medicine balls so that you can downgrade as your muscles fatigue.  Dawn is really into long series with multiple repetitions.

I really liked the intensity of the class and Dawn is a truly inspiring instructor.  (Get her to tell you her story at some point - she's really cool.)  I have no doubt that it's an effective workout; I'm still sore several days later.

My one issue with this class is the issue I tend to have with these types of conditioning classes.  I think it's pretty hard for the average bear, or even the above average bear, to do these kinds of movements (i.e. weighted squats or complex sequences of lunges in various directions) in rapid succession without sacrificing form.  Even the most attentive instructor can't watch everyone at once.  When I take this type of class, I try to stand somewhere where I can watch myself in a side mirror so that I know what my knees are up to.

Fit, Fierce and & Fabulous is followed by the aptly named "Abdominals" class.  The 30 minute follow up is a super straightforward, no frills abs class.   My abs were sore till yesterday.  Now, that's fierce.

-Gym Belle-

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i appreciate your viewpoint.that is great!!!

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