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So You Think You're Advanced

This past Saturday, Physique 57 hosted a special 90 minute So You Think You're Advanced workshop taught by Chanelle, Sherri and Katherine.

I signed up.  And then I wondered, "do I really think I'm advanced?"  I've taken advanced classes.  I fare no worse in those than in intermediate level classes.  It really depends on how I feel that day, who the instructor is, etc.  Still, there are certain people who come to mind when I think "advanced."  These people are, on average, taller, blonder and they've got that "I once was a dancer" flexibility going on.  That's not me.  Well, that's never stopped me before, so I didn't let it this time.  I was curious.

True to form, I was running ever so slightly behind schedule.  I was the second to last participant to arrive, so I got stuck at the barre with no mirror.  No biggie.  We started with weights, as usual, but were positioned at our spots at the barre, not in the center of the room.  I remember the sequence feeling long, but not so much more difficult than usual.  And then we started working our triceps - with our heavy set of weights.  If you're used to doing the moves with 5 lbs, suddenly springing 8 lbs on your tris is no joke.

Chanelle started off the thigh work with curtsy lunges, 4th position waterski and a host of other variations on the usual themes.   At one point, we had our right toes up against the baseboard, our left legs were extended out behind us and we lowered ourselves into a split of sorts, hanging off the bar, back leg still in the air.  That was wacky.  Just when my thighs and seat could literally take no more, we moved on to abs, and class ended shortly thereafter.

The crowd was mixed.  People were competent, but there were ballerina-types and non-ballerina types.  There was even a guy. 

Overall, it was an awesomely fun class.  The energy was great.  Chanelle, Sherri and Katherine are the best, and with three instructors walking around, everyone got a lot of attention.  People left feeling seriously buzzed.  I've heard rumors they might do it again... hope so!

-Gym Belle- 



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