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A Little Friendly Advice?

Yesterday's New York Times article, No, The Treadmill Isn't Also a Shoe Buffer has generated a fair amount of buzz on the question of what gym personnel do when they see people who aren't quite getting it right. 

I have mixed feelings on feedback.  In a class setting, I like attention.  I gravitate towards the front row, I make eye contact with the instructors to encourage their correction and I try my best to take whatever advice is offered.  From what I've seen, many instructors triage their feedback.  In my mind, when a Physique 57 instructor passes me by without correcting my water ski form, it either means I've got it or I'm hopeless.  When someone takes the time to correct my form, it makes me feel like they believe I can get it right.  And, if I do something, I want to do it right.  So it's a good thing.

On the gym floor, however, I'm way more skeptical.  If a trainer approaches me to correct my form or talk about my workout, I tend to assume that a) they're trying to sell me sessions, b) they're hitting on me or c) all of the above.  The idea of a gym where trainers roam around helping people out a bit is really appealing in theory.  I should want to be corrected.  For free, no less.  In practice, however, unsolicited advice skeeves me out and I'm not really sure I'm open to it. 

What do you think?

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