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A Good Dream

Last night, I dreamt of muscle-ups.  To do a muscle-up, you hang on rings and then pull yourself up and through the rings so that your chest is pitched forward a bit over the rings.  Then you push your body up by extending your arms. 

Even in my dreams, I couldn't do them on the rings, but I was able to do them on the pull-up bar. 

My dream gym was crowded and lots of things were going on around me.  I just stayed on the bar doing muscle-up after muscle-up to drill the skill into my muscle memory. 

I felt really strong.

Sadly, muscle-ups are not part of today's workout.  We will be doing 150 pull-ups, though.  (Five rounds for time of 800 meter run, 30 kettlebell swings, 30 pull-ups). 

Good times.

-Gym Belle-

Do you ever dream about working out?


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