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Caution: Not For the Faint of Heart

The irony is that I didn't run the 15K that I had signed up for this morning mostly because I was nervous about loosing a toenail.  I've been lucky so far, but my two middle toenails have been looking ever so slightly compromised lately, and I'm going away in a week and want to wear open-toed shoes. 

Instead, I met my friend D at the gym and did a 30 minute AMRAP* of five 115 lb deadlifts, 13 pushups and nine box jumps.  Somewhere around round seven, I slipped or tripped and scraped myself on the metal box.  Everyone does it at one point or another.  It hurt, and still hurts, like heck, but it's just a scrape.  The important thing is that I finished the WOD (12 full rounds, + five deadlifts and one pushup).

I'm sure there's a moral in here somewhere.  Maybe it will come to me when I'm sporting a bruise with my shorts next week.  At least my toes willl look pretty.

-Gym Belle-

* As many rounds as possible

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