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How Fitness Bloggers Get Their Move On

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Fitbloggin', a conference for fitness bloggers organized by the fabulous Roni of RonisWeigh.  We kicked off Saturday morning with a 5K run or 1 mile walk.  Compared to the Disney Princess Half Marathon I ran earlier this month, the 5K was cake.  And thanks to the bread factory we ran past, it smelled a bit like cake, too.  Observe:



Sunday morning, there were three back-to-back classes to choose from.  Nut that I am, I took all three.  We started the day with a little yoga led by Heather Ashare from DietsInReview.  I need to get my butt back to yoga pronto.  I was so, so stiff.  Considering all the CrossFit and running I've been doing, I guess that's not a surprise, but I felt pretty silly.

Next up, Jessica Smith took us through 30 minutes worth of 10 Minute Solutions.  10 Minute Solutions is a line of video workouts and the name pretty much says it all.  I almost skipped this one because it sounded kind of gimmicky and because women from workout videos tend to be ever so slightly annoying.  I'm glad I went.  10 Minute Solutions was a legit workout.  We did squats, push ups, lunges, tricep push ups, mud crawls - all the basics that really work.  The workouts were fast-paced and seemed really efficient.  After 30 minutes worth, we were pretty tired.  I have no idea how she comes across on DVD, but in person, Jessica was lovely and great instructor.  10 Minute Solutions gave me two DVDs, Ultimate Boot Camp and KockOut Body, which comes with adorable pink weighted gloves (yay, swag!), so I'll let you know how those are soon.

I'm glad I stuck it out all morning, because they saved the best for last: Sensei Guillermo Gomez's Martial Fusion class.  Martial Fusion is a combination of cardio kickboxing and latin dance.  Jab, cross, cha cha cha.  Sure, it's silly, but it's really, really fun and Guillermo has a lot of personality.  He teaches in Florida and has a series of Martial Fusion DVDs as well.  Sadly, he ran out of swag.  I don't know if this one would be as much fun at home in my living room, but I may need to find out.

I'll keep you posted.

-Gym Belle-


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