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EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women Recap

What kind of idiot runs a 5K with a shoulder injury?  That would be me. 

I don't totally understand what's wrong yet, but I've seen an ultrasound (which is way cool, actually) and it's pretty inflamed.  I'm supposed to rest it for the most part, but I'm allowed to work out as long as it doesn't hurt.  I decided this meant I could run the EIF Revlon Run/Walk

This 5K event takes place annually to raise money for women's cancers.  Years ago, before it ever occurred to me that I could run, I volunteered at this race handing out lip gloss to the participants when they finished.  This year, I wanted to run it.  

I take part in a lot of races and spinathons and events that raise money for all sorts of things.  To be honest, I don't usually give that aspect a ton of thought.  I'm happy to write a check or raise some funds, but I'm usually in it for the event.  This one was more personal, though.  One of my best friends is in the process of kicking cervical cancer's ass.  So, I figured I'd walk if I had to, but I wasn't going to sit on the sidelines.


I got there early enough to snag a spot right at the start line.  I'm usually in the third to last corral or so for most Road Runner races, so being right up front was new for me. 

While we waited for the race to start, we were entertained by various celebs including Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Dr. Oz and Trey Songz.  Dan'yelle Williamson sang a song from the musical Memphis, and wow - that woman can sing. 

I also got to chat with some of the awesome runners around me.  I met a teacher from Illinois who comes to NYC for this race every year, and a woman with stage four ovarian cancer who's been in remission for seven years. 

I wish I had a good crowd shot to show you the vibe in Times Square.  It was packed, but in an awesome way - not like New Years.  The weather was perfect, and people were so, so jazzed to be there.  At 9:00 am, the red and white confetti was launched, and we were off.

Before this whole shoulder thing happened, I really wanted to run this fast.  Most races I've done are four or five miles, so I figured I'd be able to go faster in a 5K.  That plan went out the window with my shoulder injury.  I ran most of the race with my left arm just dangling by my side to keep it from tensing up.  I'm actually most proud of myself for not using my stopwatch at all.  Go me.

I don't have a witty closing today.  Instead, I have a request: If you haven't already, please talk to your doctor about vaccination.

-Gym Belle-



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I saw everyone in the park for this on Sunday! What an amazing and spirited event.

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