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Summer (Boot) Camp

Saturday mornings are tough.  It would be nice to sleep once in a while, or watch cartoons in bed, but there is always so much that I want to do.  New York Road Runners holds a lot of its races on Saturdays.  Weekend mornings are the only time that I can hit up some of my favorite Equinox classes.  CrossFit Metropolis runs its super intense Kryptonite Hour at 10am on Saturdays.  And, now that its summer, boot camps and outdoor classes abound. 

IntenSati in the ParkThis past weekend, I joined Jess of Fit Chick in the City for her Saturday morning boot camp in Central Park.  Though it was brutally hot, the park was full of activity, as always.  The Pride Race was done by the time I got there, but plenty of runners and bikers were out on the loop.  Not far from where we met for boot camp, another group was doing IntenSati.  I also saw ninjas practicing!  (Ok, maybe they weren't actual ninjas, but they were dressed head to toe in black and whatever they were doing looked intense.)

I was a little late to Jess's class (new cabbie - don't ask), and when I arrived the group was doing supersets.  I jumped in on the third round the first set which consisted of skipping up a hill, lunging across a bridge, running down a path, doing 20 park bench push-ups and running back.  After that, we did two more equally sweaty supersets before heading to a grassy spot for some tricep dips and planks.  Fit Chick Boot Camp tough and very fun.  If you're looking to shake up your summer workouts, check out her new session starting July 10. 

July 10 is also the day of the Splash and Dash 10K.  (Yay, Lasker Pool!)  Will I see you there?

-Gym Belle-

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Reader Comments (1)

Yay another NYC blogger! This sounds awesome. I'd love to start her boot camp but I'm not always here on Saturdays.

June 30, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRobyn

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