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A Surprisingly Hollow Victory: My first pull-up

Last Sunday, when I finally mastered the art of bike riding, I was pretty dang enthused.  I proudly wore a little pin with a smiling bicycle on it all day.  (No joke.)

This Saturday, I crossed another major skill off my list: the pull-up.  While I yelped with glee at the top, and updated my Facebook status to let the world know, I really didn't feel the same sense of accomplishment, or, at least, it wasn't as long-lasting.

This should have been a pretty sweet victory.  I've been working at the pull-up now for a while.  For months I've been using the giant rubber bands at the gym for assistance, gradually making my way to the thinnest one.  All the practice has taken its toll on my hands.  I've ripped the skin.  I've gotten calluses.  On occasion, I've pushed too hard and tweaked a wrist.  I kept going, though, because I really wanted the pull-up. 

GripadsOn a whim, I decided to try using grips to protect my hands a bit.  Man hands just aren't cute.  So, I ordered these from Gripads.  As it turns out, they're awesome and I totally recommend them.  I used them for the first time on Saturday and, lo and behold, I had my pull-up.  I have to wonder if I hadn't been holding back a little to save my hands.

In any case, pull-ups are turning out to be a bit like potato chips; one is not enough.  When I tried on Saturday to bang out a second, I didn't even come close.  A lot of that is because I'm doing dead-hang pull-ups.  Once I figure out how to kip and use the momentum of my swing to get me up, I'll get more reps.

I'm definitely psyched about my pull-up, but I have a hunch that it's not going to feel legit until I'm doing them in a CrossFit workout. 

I'll keep you posted.

-Gym Belle- 

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Reader Comments (2)

I like your blog! I'm a fellow Fitblogger and gym brat. I love reading anything about the gym. I also want to be able to do more than one pull up. I'll try these pads - hopefully they help you hold on!

August 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSuzanne

Thanks, Suzanne! Any chance you'll be at Blogher '10 this weekend?

August 3, 2010 | Registered CommenterGym Belle

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