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Rollin' with My Hommies: Summer Streets

This Saturday was the first of three Saturdays of Summer Streets 2010.  During Summer Streets, Park Avenue is closed to traffic from Central Park (72nd St.) to the Brooklyn Bridge from 7am to 1pm.  Walkers, runners, bladers and bikers have access to 6.9 miles car-free road.  No wheels?  No problem.  Bikes and blades can be "rented" for free along the route.  This year, Summer Streets also has dumpster pools.  I didn't have time to check that out this weekend, but hopefully I'll get to next week.

I decided to kick off Summer Streets by breaking out my roller blades for the first time since last summer.  When I was a kid, I was actually pretty good at roller blading.  Even in college, I remember racing people once in a while.  At some point, though, I lost my nerve.  I still enjoy speed, but I freak out going downhill.  I feel totally out of control and end up riding the break a lot of the time, which I know has to be a bad plan.  This is why I've never roller bladed in Central Park.

Park Avenue isn't as bad as Central Park, but it does have its hilly spots.  At around 68th street, for example, the incline is pretty steep.  On Saturday, I stood at the top of that hill for a full minute wondering how lame it would be to unlace my blades and walk down a bit before starting again.  I decided to go for it.  I did, however, chicken out at Grand Central.  I remember seriously fearing for my life last year winding through the dark tunnel and then shooting out back onto Park at top speed.  I wasn't going there again.  Anyway, aside from going down the 68th street hill, it was all very pleasant.

The weather was perfect on Saturday, and I'm hoping we luck out for next week, too.  It's so nice to see everyone out enjoying the road.

 Maybe I'll see you out there?

-Gym Belle-

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Reader Comments (1)

You are so brave! I would definitely be too scared to rollerblade in the city, even during summer streets.

Team R2R will be out running SS this Saturday morning! I'm volunteering for bag drop since I'm running the Bronx half on Sunday, but I can guarantee you'll see some purple shirts out there.

Have a great weekend!

August 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMeghann

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