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Introducing My New Love

Mom, sit down.  This might be hard for you to hear.  I know how strongly you feel about the subject.  After all, I don't think I've ever heard you say the word "coconut" without making a face.  And I know it's not allowed in the house, but, the thing is, I really love coconut water and I thought you should hear it from me.

It started a few months ago when a friend of a friend mentioned that coconut water is super hydrating.  Being your daughter, I made the obligatory coconut face.  I was curious, though.  The idea of a more natural source of electrolytes was appealing.  I had been drinking a lot of Gatorade.  And while an occasional Gatorade is great, it probably shouldn't be a staple of my diet.  I had looked around for alternatives.  I tried the powdered drinks, Pocari Sweat, but nothing appealed.  So, eventually, I gave coconut water a chance.

I made the mistake of trying one of the flavors first.  That was nasty.  It's a small miracle that I finally tried the plain.  The taste is actually really mild and, since it's basically water, it lacks the piecey texture of coconut (which is definitely what makes coconuts objectionable.)

During my workouts, I tend to stick to water, but before, and sometimes after, coconut water is the way to go.  I hope you understand.

Your loving daughter,

-Gym Belle-


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