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Perhaps I'm a little too excited about this, but if you're one of those women (or men) who carts a large bag o' gym stuff around Manhattan, you'll understand. 

I was sitting at work this evening when it occured to me that I hadn't packed a sports bra for the gym.  Usually, if I forget something, it's socks.  A sports bra is a little trickier to replace last minute.  I contemplated going to the City Sports across the street, but they don't carry the brand I like, and I hate to waste the money.  "No problem, " I thought.  "I'll just deal in my regular bra.  No one will know."

And then I remembered that the workout involved handstand pushups, so I'd be upside-down a lot.  Everyone would know.

I was almost ready to scrap my workout plans when I remembered my backup gym outfit.  Ages ago, my sister had signed up for a Physique 57 class after work and, when it was too late to cancel without loosing her money, she realized that she didn't have gym clothes with her.  She ended up buying a whole Lululemon outfit at Physique.  I realized that could easily be me one day, so I threw an old pair of sweats, socks and a tank top in my closet at work.  They've been there for ages now, and I nearly forgot. 

Fortunately, the tank top has a shelf.  Problem solved!

-Gym Belle-


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I've done this way too many times! I went back home 2x this morning for headphones & socks to run after work today....and forgot my knee brace. Oh well, I invested $8 in an ace bandage which (1) I probably need anyway and (2) hopefully does the trick! I mean, 60 degrees in Feb?! I have to go run!!

February 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterHanna

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