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Hail To The Queen Throwdown: Part III

The second WOD of the Hail To The Queen Throwdown had two components.  First, we had two minutes to do as many thrusters as possible.  For every thruster less than 25, there was a three burpee penalty before you could start the second phase of the workout, which started immediately after the two minutes were up.  The second phase was 21-15-9 reps of pullups and sumo deadlift highpulls ("SDHPs") with a 15 minute time cap.

As prescribed, the weight for the lifts was 73 lbs, but we had the option to do a scaled version at 53 lbs.  If you scaled the thrusters and the SDHPs, then the pullups were assisted pullups with the green band.  Part of me was curious to try this workout with legit pullups, but no part of me thought I could handle 73 lbs.  53 lbs was tough enough. 

My thrusters were predictably slow.  I only managed 18.  Fortunately, I'm pretty quick with burpees so the penalty wasn't too bad.  Even better, the green band offers way too much assistance for me for pullups.  I basically just went for a bouncy ride, and managed the first set of 21 unbroken.  This was really the only time during the competition when being small worked to my advantage.

My SDHPs were a hot mess.  If we're being honest, a lot of my reps shouldn't have counted because I wasn't getting full range of motion at the top.  I was pulling with my arms instead of using the momentum from my hips.  I knew it, too, but I just couldn't get my body to cooperate.  In the end, my time wasn't too awful because of the pullups (9:24).  I finished 38th overall, and 13th out of the 17 scaled people.

By the end of the second WOD, I was starting to feel tired.  I knew I needed to eat, but didn't know what I'd be able to stomach.  I had some orange slices and half a Kind bar, and, before I knew it, it was time for the last event.

To be continued...

-Gym Belle-

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