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Leap of Faith

Jumping!This has been one long week.  I ran a 15K on Sunday.  On Tuesday, I (re)learned how to do bench presses and pulled off a 110lb backsquat (PR!).  On Thursday, I competed in round two of the CrossFit Games Open Qualifiers, and tomorrow I'm competing in the Pump and Run hosted by CrossFit Hoboken.  Craziness.

A lot of women would have to keel over before I'd have a shot at making it to regionals for the CrossFit Games, so I'm not holding my breath.  I am trying to stay in the game as long as I can, though, which means doing all the open workouts as prescribed.  Round one involved double-unders (ugh) and ground-to-overheads.  I did terribly because of the double-unders, but I did it.

Round two for ladies was a 15 minute AMRAP* of nine 100lb deadlifts, 12 hand release pushups** and 15 20" box jumps.  I like deads and I'm pretty good with pushups, but I had never done 20" before, even though that's usually the height prescribed for women.  I'm good with 18" (except for the falling and scraping my shins thing), but every single time I've faced a higher box, I've chickened out.  I'd get in front of the box and freeze. 

Last night, if I wanted to stay in the competition, I just had to do it.  So I did.  I warmed up, and then right before 3-2-1 go, I did three 20" box jumps (accompanied by a squeal and happy dance).  Then it was go time.

Those 15 minutes felt like an eternity.  Within a few rounds, I was breathing fire and spewing curses like a sailor.  The pushups were especially grueling, which surprised me.  I'm usually good with pushups.  In the last few seconds of the workout, my arms completely turned to rubber.  I could not squeeze out another rep.  In the end, I completed six rounds, nine deadlifts and seven pushups.  Naturally, I'm most psyched about finally doing 20" box jumps.

Now it's time to rest up for the Pump and Run.  More on that tomorrow!

-Gym Belle-

*As many rounds as possible

** At the bottom of the pushup, you lift your hands up.  It basically ensures that you're totally down at the bottom of the rep.

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