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Before the Pump and Run

Good morning, everyone!  It's looking like a beautiful day to trek to Jersey.  It's sunny and while it's only 39 degrees now, it will be 48 by the time the Pump and Run gets started. 

There are two events at the Pump and Run.  First, we bench press.  Men under 40 do 135 lbs and over 40 do 115 lbs.  Women under 40 press 65lbs and women over 40 press 45 lbs.  (BTW, this makes no sense to me.  40+ women who lift tend to be way stronger than us youngins.  They've been doing it for longer!)  After the pressing, there's a 5K.  For every bench press rep you get without stopping, 30 seconds will be deducted from your race time. 

Until this week, I hadn't bench pressed in a long time and I'm willing to bet that it wasn't 65 lbs.  So, on Tuesday, my friend D and I went to Equinox and benched.  (Ladies, if you want to raise eyebrows, try this.)  I did four rounds of max reps at 65 lbs.  The most I got was 10.5.  D got 22 at 135!  I'll be psyched with anything over 10 reps today.  I'm still sore from Thursday, though, so if not, not.

I don't have a goal for the 5K.  Unfortunately, I haven't done that distance in a long time.  So...

I'll keep you posted!  Go Team Metropolis!

-Gym Belle-

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