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Pump and Run: The Run

After we completed the bench press portion of the Hoboken Pump and Run, we ran a 5K.  My performance on the bench press was good for me, but not stellar from a competition standpoint.  I really wanted to kick ass on the run. 

I went out hard.  At one point, I looked at my Garmin and noticed that I was running a 7:14 minute mile.  I knew I couldn't keep that up, but I really tried.  I kept my pace below 8:00 as much as I could.  About a mile in, my teammate Jared blew past me.  Jared had just celebrated the one year anniversary of his ACL reconstruction the day before, so that was pretty awesome.  I tried to keep him in sight for the rest of the race, and it wasn't easy.

When I finished, my score was posted almost immediately.  My 5K time was 23:35.  I was ecstatic - until I checked my Garmin and realized we had actually run less than 3 miles.  My average pace was 8:04.  That's still the fastest I've ever raced, so I was very happy.  

15  bench press reps times 30 seconds per rep took my time down to 16:05.  I came in 81 out of 105 competitors.  Not too shabby!

-Gym Belle-

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