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An App For That?

When I was in high school, I had a Filofax.  I loved my Filofax.  It had absolutely everything I needed to know within its worn leather and suede covers.  It contained all of my homework, appointments, contacts, everything I needed to remember and all of the notes I passed in class (many encrypted in French transcribed in Cyrillic - I was that cool). 

These days, I have two blackberries, an iPad, a Macbook, a desktop... I could go on.  (I'm still that cool.)  And I am nowhere near as organized.  As much as I try to sync, as of yet, I have found no perfect solution for my mobile life.

High school me would have kept track of her workouts in a special section of her Filofax.  Where else?  Modern me has entirely too many options: Daily Mile, my Twitter feedBeyond the Whiteboard, my blog, CrossFit Metropolis' blog etc.  None is so amazingly perfect for me that I use it for everything, so my notes are pretty scattered.  Hence, Wednesday's dilemma.  The workout was Cindy, which is 20 minutes of as many rounds as possible of five pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 air squats.  I knew that I had done Cindy recently, but where was my score?  Eventually, I found it, but it took over 20 minutes of searching.

One of the many amazing things about CrossFit is that by scoring all of our workouts, we can objectively track our progress.  If you can't find your previous scores, that's lost.  I know some things by heart.  My one rep max deadlift is 190.  My backsquat is 110.  I can't remember everything, though.  Some people keep notebooks... it's an idea, but I no longer function linearly.  I'd prefer something searchable, and something that i had with me at all times anyway.  Perhaps I just need an iPhone...

-Gym Belle-

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