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The CrossFit Games 2011 Finals...Live!

Hey all - I'll be live blogging from the games today. This is my very first live blog so cross your fingers!!
Staked out a great spot! Waiting for the women's individuals to start!
Amazing first heat... Katie Hogan moved that sled (+ 275 lbs!) like it was nothing.
Sorry! Got way too into the action to blog. First WOD is done. Annie T. dominated for the women and is now in the #1 spot, followed by Kristen (duh). Josh Bridges killed it and is now in 2nd after Rich.

So, so far at the games I've learned several things:

1. Annie T. is unreal to watch. Just amazing.
2. Chris Spealler could do a weighted pull-up with me as the weight.
3. I want a six pack at 60.
4. These athletes have heart like no other - pushing till the end, finishing it out after time is up just cause, cheering on the competition - the list just goes on.
5. CrossFit fans rock. The crowd support here is truly phenomenal.

Almost time for the masters!
The masters were awesome. So so inspiring. Now we're a few minutes away from the team finals. They decided to wipe the slate clean for the top 6 teams, so whoever wins this last relay will win. I don't know how I would feel about that as a competitor but it will make this a very exciting event!
It has been an amazing but very long day at the Home Depot Center. The sun has been STRONG! It's been worth it, though. The final events did not disappoint.

CFNE totally crushed the other teams, finishing minutes before the competition. The best part, however, came after time was called when Rocklin CrossFit finished out the WOD just to finish. The crowd went crazy at the 150th wall-ball.

The last individual WOD was especially brutal, but everyone pulled through. It was particularly cool to see Samantha Briggs not only cheer Kristen Clever on after her win, but actually coach her on how to pull the sled more efficiently. This really is the coolest sport ever; no one does community like CrossFit. While on line for my millionth bottle of water, I heard one woman remark that her box isn't her gym; it's her home.

About 30 minutes from now, the closing ceremony will kick off. I hope I have enough camera battery left! All the pictures are/will be on the Gympressions Facebook page. (I'll get some up here soon, too.)


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