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Pump and Run 2012 Recap

This morning, six of us from CrossFit Metropolis braved the rain to tackle the Pump and Run event at CrossFit Hoboken.  This annual race raises money for the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

The event has two components: bench pressing for reps and running a 5K.  Each rep, up to a cap of 45, earns you 20 seconds off your race time.  The shortest adjusted time wins.  Men 40 and over lifted 115lbs; men under 40 lifted 145lbs.  Women 40 and over lifted 45lbs (lucky ducks!), and those of us under 40 lifted 65lbs.  

Because of the rain, we did the benching inside this year.  (CrossFit Hoboken did an amazing job making this run smoothly.)

Last year, I scored 15 reps.  This year, I managed 17.  It's not a huge bump, but it's something.  I sailed through the first ten or so, but then I slowed down, and the last two I really had to fight for.  I nearly managed an 18th, but I just couldn't press it all the way out.  We don't have a bench at CrossFit Metropolis... I think some regular practice would make a difference.  

I was somewhat less than psyched for the 5K in the rain.  We had to walk about 10 minutes to the start, and then wait around for another 10 or so before the race kicked off.  I was soaked and pretty cold.  On the bright side, my Garmin needed all that time to find satellites!

I could tell you that I shaved 1:12 off my time from last year, but the course was a drop shorter, so I'm not sure that that's entirely fair.  I definitely moved faster, though.  My splits last year were: 7:53, 8:16 and 8:05.  (The course is not a true 5K.)  This year, they were: 7:51, 8:12 and 7:56.  Apparently, I have a pattern of going out hard (~7:14), slowing up, and then gaining some speed back at the end.  Anyway, my average pace was 8:00 minutes/mile, so if it had been a true 5K and I had kept that up I would've finished around 24:52, which would have been a PR.

All in all, it was decent day for me.  Three more reps on the bench press would've really made me happy.  Oh well.  Next year.  Overall, Team Metropolis did great.  Mike C. took third overall, and Angela F. had the fastest 5K time of all the women.  As usual, the best part was spending the day with Team Metropolis.  

Sunshine on 3!

-Gym Belle-

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