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New Sole(s)

Yesterday, I woke up with sore calves.  When I ran on Tuesday, I must have been thinking so much about not heel striking that I didn't let my heels touch the ground at all.  Whoops.

During my 800m sprints today, I concentrated on landing with a flatter foot, making my strides shorter and quicker and leaning from the ankle like a downhill skier.  It was a lot to think about.  I do think I'm getting the hang of it.  It's just going to take some time for it to become second nature, especially when I pick up the speed.  I was able to get to about a 7:45 min/mi pace, but I couldn't maintain it for the full 800m without loosing my form.

I wore my new Inov-8 135's for the run.  The 135's are a new, female-specific, "zero drop" minimalist road-running shoe.  (The male version is the 150.)  I'm not ready to tackle long distances in a shoe like this, but they are great for training, especially since I'm working on my form.

Like every pair of Inov-8's I've had, they are super light and comfortable.  I am in love with  the "quick lace system."  The only complaint I've ever had about Inov-8's in the past is that the laces don't always stay tied.  This more than fixes that.  There are little loops at the back and the top of the tongue so that you can pull the shoe on easily, and then you just cinch the laces like a drawstring.  (Triathletes would love this on race day.)

Because the shoe is so flat, it was totally fine to squat in.  The sole is hard, though, so it's probably not the shoe I'd pick for a CrossFit workout with box jumps or things like that.  My favorite all-around CrossFitting shoe is still the Bare XF 210's, also from Inov-8.  (The 230's are a close second.)  For dedicated running days, though, I think the 135's are going to be awesome.

Also - they're red!

-Gym Belle-

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