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Defying Gravity

Defying gravity.  Great for singing green witches.  Not so great for mere mortals working on their front squats.

I failed a lift on Sunday.

Let's review the reasons why this not-so-extraordinary fail is still on my mind.  First, I got it on video.  I've spent as much time reviewing that clip as I have stalking the coverage of Azadel Boroumond's regionals performance.  (I'm obsessed - she's amazing.)  This isn't the first time that I've seen myself fail a lift; it's always humbling, though.

Second, I didn't fail because of the weight (100 lbs).  There was no epic struggle.  I failed because my chest collapsed and the weight got out in front of me.  Tip.  Drop.  Game over.  In other words, my form went to hell.  I'm not the strongest woman at the gym by a long shot, so I try extra hard to have good form.  Keeping my chest up on front squats and backsquats as I fatigue can be a struggle.  And it's frustrating because it's really not for lack of effort; my brain is firing the commands, but it's like my torso suddenly speaks Greek. 

Third, I failed on rep two of set three.  I wasn't even halfway done with my workout.  In my head, I could hear Coach B saying, "No missed reps."  Ugh.

But, while days later I clearly haven't let this go, at the time, it didn't break my stride.  It's clear on the video.  I shook my head, took some weight off the bar, cleaned it up to the rack and recalculated.  I did five more sets.  I did the first three sets back at the weight I'd started my working sets at and focused extra hard on form.  Then I added back some weight and did two more sets.  I considered a second attempt at the failed weight, but thought that might be overkill.

I came home and read some Lisbeth Darsh instead.  (I think that's the CrossFit equivalent of calling your mother.)

The fail haunted me during yesterday's backsquats.  I was nervous, and I didn't try for a new PR.   But, with one clean workout under my belt, I think it's time to move on.  

I'll keep you posted.

-Gym Belle-




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