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It's Complicated

On Friday, Lisbeth Darsh posted a link on Facebook to this blog post by Ines Subashka entitled A Guide To A Successful Relationship With Girls Who Lift Weights.  While I don't always agree with everything she writes, I'm a big fan of Lisbeth, and I was intrigued by the title of the post.  I clicked.

I started out nodding along.  Guys who find my weightlifting intimidating aren't worth my time.  Yep.  And yes, we do eat quite a bit.  But then, the post started losing me.

Do not expect her to walk around with clothes from Victoria Bekcham’s last collection.Women who lift weights, dress in sporty clothes, but they always look sexy! These beautiful curves, would look attractive no matter what she dresses with! (sic)

Hang on, there.  That's not me.  I mean, yes, I do love my sweats, but not always.  The post continues in this vein, and I felt like I was reading the CrossFit Women's Creed.  That poem, which originated at a box in Germany, has found its way onto many shirts and blogs, and it crops up on Facebook from time to time.  It opens with this:

I am a CrossFit Woman.
I do not wear makeup to the gym. I wear chalk.  I do not get manicures. I scrub the calluses off my hands.  I do not glisten or smile while I’m working out. I sweat, grunt, and curse.

Again, this isn't me.  True, I would never put on make up to workout; it's bad for your skin.  But you'd better believe that I get manicures.  I paint my nails in a rainbow of colors, sometimes with sparkles.  And I shave down my calluses.  And, yes, I sweat and grunt and curse when I workout.  But I also smile, giggle, and occasionally dance.  My favorite shoe designers are Inov-8 and Christian Louboutin.  I love Lululemon, but also Herve Leger.  Go figure.   

I have no problem with women lifters who simply don't care for the "girlier" things in life.  Everybody's different.  But we didn't break free from one mold just to be placed in another. 

I know these posts are well intentioned, and their messages are generally positive and much needed.  But I hate to think that some woman is going to stumble across these types of posts and choose not to lift because she can't identify.

Strong is beautiful.  And it's our birthright.  However you choose to live it.

-Gym Belle-

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    It's Complicated - Blog - Gympressions
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    It's Complicated - Blog - Gympressions
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