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Gym Belle Q&A: Mommy, what are you doing with that ball?

Lexi asks, "Mommy, what are you doing with that ball?"

My pre-run routine varies from day to day, but it always includes some mobility work.  I use a couple of self myofasicial release (SMR) techniques to loosen things up and restore some range of motion.

No matter what, I work on my ankle flexibility.  This helps to prevent shin splints.  I'll either set up my little Trigger Point roller on top of a block and roll my ankles out, or I'll take a lacrosse ball and hack at the back side of my ankle to loosen everything up.  If I don't have my toys handy, I'll sit down with my legs folded up under me, knees spread apart, and move my weight around to get a nice ankle stretch. KStar covers most of these techniques in Mobility WOD Episode 270.  I highly recommend checking this one out, particularly if you're a runner.

Most days, I also like to roll out my IT bands, either on a Trigger Point roller or on a foam roller.  

Rolling out my feet like I'm doing in the picture is new.  I picked up this trick at the CrossFit Endurance seminar that I attended a few weeks ago.  I start with the lacrosse ball at the ball of my foot and bring it back and forth, slowly working my way down towards my heel.  Then I go bottom to top.  

Then I warm up and I'm ready to go!

-Gym Belle-


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