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Week in Review 1/13/13


Yoga at Remorca Studio.


The WOD was five rounds for time of five front squats at 155/225 (from the ground), three rope climbs (no feet) and 12 knees to elbows.  I used 83 lbs and climbed with feet and finished in 20:38. 

As a cash out, I did five sets of three sots presses at 33 lbs.


Oly Practice: I attempted 7 singles snatches at 63 lb.  I got it three times, twice I wound up power snatching, and twice I failed.   63 lbs was a PR,* which made me very happy.  This was my third one.  It looks like I'm pulling early and catching high (?), but I got it.  

And since I did it three times, there's probably more in the tank!

Next, I did three rounds of 12 bent over rows at 8 kg with five, then four, then three strict pull-ups between them.

WOD: Split jerks: 83 lbs, 88 lbs, 93 lbs, 93 lbs.  Sadly, I feel like these are getting worse.  I can't seem to lock out my arms.  Tabata burpees for total reps: 49 burpees.


Core Fusion at Exhale.  (More on this soon.)




Cindy: 14 + 8 (PR!)  My old Cindy was 12 + something, so this is exciting, especially since I did it on my own.  A few weeks ago, I had said that my goal for the year was 15 rounds; I'm revising that up to 17.

Practiced double-unders and muscle-up progressions.


Oly Practice:

Snatches: 1x58 lbs, 1x58 lbs, 1x63 lbs.  (There was a failed rep at 63 lbs and an accidental power snatch at 63 lbs, too, but I didn't have my notebook out yet and don't recall the order.) 

Cleans: 2x78, 1x83 lbs, 1x88 lbs, 1x93 lbs, 1x93, 1x93, lbs, 93(f), 1x93, 93(f).  (My 1 rep max is 98, so I felt pretty good getting four in at 93 lbs.)

Split jerks: I did a few sets of two at 73 lbs.   I kept the weight light to work on form, but I think I was just too tired at that point.  My focus was shot.


Endurance WOD: 3x 1 mile sprints with three minutes rest between.

  1. 7:36
  2. 8:02 (darn you, cat hill!)
  3. 7:35

Nutrition Challenge WOD: Tabata mashup of burpees and 1 pood KB swings for total reps: 127.  (Somewhat sad performance.  I blame the adult beverages from Saturday night .)

-Gym Belle-

*I've actually power snatched more, which is odd, but I find it a lot less scary. 

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