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Week in Review 1/20/13


Yoga at Remorca Studio.


I did my first ever strict handstand push-ups in the warm-up! (PR)  I did them with one ab-mat between 25 lb plates.  To me, this looks flat, but I know that some people wouldn't count those as Rx'd, so take them for what they're worth.

Diane with approx. 12 min cutoff: I went Rx'd and got through the 21's and the 15 deadlifts, and was 5 handstand push-ups in when time was called.  We were supposed to go hard and fast, but I wanted to practice this weight for the upcoming Queens competition, so I stuck to Rx.


Oly Practice:

Power cleans: 73x3, 83x2 93x1 (failed the second attempt), 88x2, 93x2, 98x1 (failed the second attempt), 98x1 (failed the second attempt), 98(f), 88x2

I really wasn't happy with this - too many missed lifts.  98 lbs is my current one rep max, so this was heavy, but still.  The bar was getting out in front of me.


Backsquats: 103x3, 108x3, 113x2, 118x2, 123x2, 128(f)

125 is (still) my one rep max in backsquats, so doing two at 123 felt pretty good.

Metcon: 9-6-3 chest to bar pull-ups and heavy thrusters: I used 63 lbs and finished in 4:04.  I was happy with my pull-ups - chest to bar felt pretty easy - but my thrusters were sluggish.




Oodles of snatch practice.  If I compete in the Rx division in Queens, one WOD has 75lb snatches in it.  Going into Friday, my one rep max for a full snatch was 63 lbs and for a power snatch was 65 lbs.  I managed to do a few power snatches at 68 (PR!), but I failed at 73 lbs.  I just couldn't make myself get under the bar.  I then did 3 power snatches at 58 lbs every minute on the minute for 10 minutes.  Each time, it felt like my first and third lifts were ok, but the second ones got sloppy.  I attempted a few more heavier snatches after that, and then called it a day.

I also messed around with handstand push-ups and double-unders.


Oly Practice:

Snatches: 63x2, 63x2, 68x1 (failed the second attempt - but a snatch PR), 68x1 (failed the second attempt), 68(f), 68(f).

I was glad I got my ass down under the 68 lbs, but I was annoyed to miss so many lifts again.

5 sets of 2 snatch pulls at 73 lbs.

Front squats: 88x2 93x2 98x2 103(1)(failed the second attempt), 98x2


Impromptu rest day.  Sick as a dog.  Basically spent the day lying down.

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