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Ivivva: Totes Adorbs

Are you small? Do sequins make you go "eeeee"? Then you need to know about Ivivva. Ivivva is Lululemon's line for girls. It debuted this summer and somehow I missed it until now.

The clothes - and accessories - are so damn cute. The skirts and leotards are particularly squeal-worthy. (If only this stuff had been around when I was figure skating!)  And while the prints are girly - expect lots of pinks, purples and sparkles - the Lulu aesthetic pervades.   

The best part: if you are a size 2, 4 or 6 in Lulu, you will fit into a 10, 12 or 14 in Ivivva. Really truly. I wear a size 4 in Lulu, and pretty much fit into 12's, although for some things I prefer the fit of 14's. For the sports bras and the Studio Pant, for example, I'd probably take the 14's, but I took 12's for the leggings. Also, don't expect the sports bras to do much. I'd wear them for yoga or on a lifting-only day, though.

The Luon material is the same, and the cuts are familiar. Even the colors are the same, so I'm planning on mixing and matching with my Lulu gear. It's the same stuff, just cheaper.*

You can find Ivivva online, or you can visit their Upper West Side showroom, which has limited hours. Ivivva will do free hemming in house, or you can take their stuff to a Lululemon store and get it hemmed there.

I visited the showroom on Saturday - so fun. The tiny store was slightly overrun with little girls (and their moms). The staff was quick to assure me that "lots of grown-ups" wear this stuff, too. I have no doubt.  I bought the cute mint outfit and these amazing pink heathery leggings that I'm obsessed with and match my pink sneakers.  I also bought socks (size M-L).  

I did not take the sparkly leg-warmers... I may need to go back.

-Gym Belle-

*They don't accept Lulu's R&D discount.

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