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Week in Review 2/10/2013


Planned rest day.


Unplanned rest day because my abs were still crazy sore from Anabelle at Saturday's competition.  When I say crazy sore, I mean crazy sore.  Sunday night I went to bed in a ton of pain... and mildly concerned that I had given myself rhabdo until I remembered that I'd had beets for lunch.  Note to self: we need to up the volume of sit-ups in my training so this never happens again.


Snatch balance: 35x3, 40x3, 45x3, 50x2(3f).  Coach B was late, so these seemed like a good idea to play with. 

Clean and Jerk: Worked up to 93lbs! (PR!)  I managed a 98lb clean after that, but couldn't jerk it.

Snatch deadlifts: 5x4 at 73lbs.

I can't really complain about any day where I hit a clean and jerk PR, but my abs were still scaring me at this point.  I felt like they had to be strained.



By Thursday afternoon, my abs finally felt normal.


Snatch from the knees: 3x47lbs, 3x53lbs, 3x53lbs.

Cleans from the knees: 4 sets of 3 at 68 lbs.

Overhead squats: 5x2 at 83 lbs.  I probably should have done these a drop heavier, but they weren't easy.

WOD: 4 rounds of 1 minute on/30 seconds off of: strict pull-ups, strict handstand push-ups and ring dips. 27/2/34.  I was disappointed with the HSPU's.  I thought I could pull off one or two each round, but they just weren't there.  


Backsquat: 5x2 at 118lbs.  118lbs is 96 percent of my two rep max, so I was pretty happy to get through five clean sets.  I did feel myself tipping forward a bit on the second reps, but not a lot.  

Hang Power Cleans: 12 minutes of 3 reps on the minute at 68lbs.  My first few sets were off, so I kept the weight fairly light.  I was thinking too much about keeping my weight back.  Once I fixed that, I started catching the bar higher and things felt pretty good.


~3 mile fun run in the park.  It's still a bit snowy/icy, so I didn't want to sprint.

Deadlifts: 155x3, 165x3, 170x3, 175x3, 180x3, 185x3, 190x3 (PR!), 195x1, 200(f).  I went looking for my 3 rep max today, and found it.  I'm pretty happy with 190; it's only five pounds shy of my current one rep max.  I tried for a triple at 195, but after one lift, I knew I didn't have it in me.  It's possible that I wasted too much energy warming up.  It was pretty silly to go for a single at 200 at that point, but I did.  The bar didn't budge, but wow did the room spin when I released it!

-Gym Belle-



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