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Week in Review 2/3/2013


Hotel Gym WOD FGB Style with row, 20lb dumbbell snatches, 12lb medball cleans, burpees and weighted situps with 10lb medball: 247

Cashout - 3 rounds NFR of 1 minute each of dumbbell benching at 40 lbs, mountain climbers and single unders


58 lb push presses from behind the neck.  I went from behind the neck because of my shoulder mobility issues.  It was awful.  It felt like moving the bar through wet cement with gravel in it.

3 rounds NFT of 10 42lb muscle snatches, 10 deadhang pull-ups.


Oly Practice:

Snatches: singles at 53, 58, 63, 68(f), 63, 63, 58, 58, 58 and 58

2 position cleans: 58x3 63x3 68x3 73x3


WOD: Amanda @ 53lbs and with red band assisted muscle ups: 13:40






Hail to the Queen Competition

“EVIL FRAN” At the start of the workout, every athlete must complete 3 burpees.  Then Fran with 3 burpees at the top of each minute. 45lbs/jumping pull-ups: 6:43

“ANNABEL” 50-40-30-20-10 single unders 50-40-30-20-10 sit ups 10-8-6-4-2 snatch at 35lbs: 8:22

“DYANNE” 6 min AMRAP 10 deadlifts at 95lbs, max rep hand release push-ups (score is total push-ups): 49

Overall 32/50.


Endurance WOD:

8x sprints of the 102nd St. transverse (forgot my watch, so no scores - d'oh!)

Messing around at 5th Ave:

Snatches: 3x35lbs, 3x35lbx, 6 singles at 45lbs, 4 singles at 53lbs, 3 singles at 58lbs, 2 singles at 63lbs.  I was really trying to focus on form today.  I definitely didn't have it in me to go heavier.

Mini Diane (deads @ 155lbs but only 9-6-3 reps): 4:36

-Gym Belle-

PS - More commentary is coming, but right now I need to get ready to go cheer on the Ravens!  (So not something I ever thought I'd say.)

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