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In Search of a Work/Blog Balance

You may have noticed that I've been MIA for the past week or so. I blame work. The highlights are as follows :

1. Oddly enough, spinning for four hours @ the Cyko Challenge did not make me sore. It took a while for the 50 pack I earned to show up in my account, however, and the last thing I wanted to do was pay to spin when I had 50 free sessions coming my way, so I have yet to spin since. The sessions are there now, though, so I'll probably go tomorrow.

2. At Physique last Monday night, the instructor referred to hip bones as "those bones that stick out of your jeans" and kept telling us to scoop our abs like you would scoop out the inside of a bagel. Not being anorexic myself, I felt somewhat out of place. And irked. I'm now over it now, though, and looking forward to class tonight.

3. It's been gorgeous out recently and so I've been running in the park. I ran the whole Central Park loop - plus to and from the park - for the first time on Saturday. Yay me!

I've got lots of fun workout ideas for summer, including ones that you've suggested... keep your fingers crossed that I figure out the work/blog balance so I can keep you posted!

-Gym Belle-

*The author received 50 free sessions at Ride the Zone as a prize for completing the Cyko Challenge earlier this year.*



Well guys, I tried to post earlier from the event, but it doesn't look like the posting made it up. I'll have to work on my live blogging skills.

It was insane!! I rode Thursday to test out my plan of holding back for the first few hours. It seemed like a great plan, but these guys meant business today. These were 4 really intense hours. (Equinox folks, think 4 straight hours of Robert). It didn't help that my bike always felt like the resistance was jacked up, even when there was no resistance. I didn't want to say anything, though, for fear of seeming whiny. (Apparently, the instructors kinda noticed anyway -phew.)

The hardest part was a thirty or forty minute stretch in the middle where we just raced and did sprints. Everything was in the saddle. When the next instructor came on and let us get out of the saddle for a bit, we were ecstatic.

I started having trouble right around hour 3. I was shaking, I had a bad headache and my left quad starting to hurt in a bad way. The music suddenly seemed so loud. I couldn't even wave at my friend who showed up to support me. He took a picture. I think that makes us even. Thankfully, they started handing out bananas. I scarfed one down and started to feel better.

At three hours and thirty minutes, I started thinking that I really do earn enough money to pay for a 50 pack if I want one that badly. The thing is, I don't like to lose. I don't lose. It was right around then that another friend came in and told me that I'd had 7 supporters who had signed in for me - 2 more than I needed - so all I need to do was hang on for half an hour more and the 50 pack would be mine.

I did it.

4 hours later, I am insanely hungry. I can't eat enough. My legs hurt and I know tomorrow will be worse. Thankfully, that quad thing seems to have passed. The palms of my hands are slightly blistered and I must have been tensing my jaw because that kinda hurts, too. All things considered, though, I'm doing well!

If it hadn't been for the "motivators" throughout the room, I don't know that I would've been able to pull through. And I can't thank my friends and family enough - especially the peeps who schlepped down to Soho to sign in for me! You guys rock. Congrats to everyone who rode today!

-Gym Belle-



Tomorrow's the big day - the Cyko Challenge. I'm pumped! Rumor has it, they're going to be really strict about eliminating, but hopefully I will make it to the end!

If you can stop by and sign in as one of my supporters, I will be eternally grateful. Remember, in order to qualify to the 50 free sessions, I'll not only need to stay on the bike and keep up for all 4 hrs, but I'll also need 5 people to stop by and sign in under my name. You'll get goody bags and snacks - and the rare opportunity to see me in a sports bra (I figure it's gonna get hot in 4 hrs). Totally worth it.

Ride the Zone: 441 Broadway 2nd Floor between Grand and Howard

Pre-gaming wise, I took the day off from exercise and stopped off at Lululemon on my way home from work to pick out a new spin outfit. It's quite cute. You should come see me in it tomorrow (hint hint). Time go carb load. I'm thinking pasta...hmm...hopefully that new outfit will still be cute tomorrow!

Wish me luck!

-Gym Belle-

PS - ZoneHampton has changed their name and is now Ride the Zone.

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