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Spin bikes that move!

Two weeks ago, in the locker room at Physique 57, I overheard one woman explaining to her friend that she hadn't been to class recently because she'd gotten obsessed with spinning on bikes that move from side to side. She claimed her abs were crazy sore all the time. Naturally, I wanted to ask her where she was spinning - but she wasn't the friendly type. Go figure. Later that afternoon, I found my answer: ZoneHampton. And, fortunately, they have a studio not far from me on 67th and 3rd. Signing up for a class online wasn't the easiest; they seemed to be having trouble with their website at the time, but I eventually got it sorted out and signed up for a Saturday morning class.

The vibe in the waiting area was very upper east side, but once we were spinning, it was all about the workout. Those bikes really wobble! Until I got a decent speed going, the seat kept knocking into my legs when I was out of the saddle. The class was more about turning and leaning right and left (way harder than it looks) than it was about resistance and imaginary hills. If you like spin classes that mimic real rides, I recommend checking this out. I'm going to need a few more classes before I get the technique down - I definitely felt it more in my arms than my abs. I didn't have my heart rate monitor, but it felt pretty intense and was very fun. The music was great, too. I'm going back Tuesday to give it another shot. I'll keep you posted.

-Gym Belle-

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